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2020 has shown us the importance of strong immunity. It is a need of the hour to boost our immune system to stay strong. Preserva Wellness IMMUNOBLAST JUICE offers a nutritious & delicious blend of the finest and

healthiest fruits, infused with the goodness of Curcumin for a healthy and strong immune system. It is a healthy, hearty & extremely delicious juice packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which make it excellent for the whole family, especially kids with a weakened immune system and for healthy growth.

IMMUNOBLAST JUICE is recommended for people with recurrent infections like cold, cough, fever, stomach or skin or other infections. It is also ideal for individuals with chronic diseases, chronic smoking and alcoholism which weakens the immune system. The formulation is also proven to be beneficial in protecting against cancer and for people suffering from Anaemia and immuno-deficiency diseases.

A daily dose of 20-25ml of Immunoblast juice after breakfast and dinner gives immense benefit to the health.

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