Mrs. Indu Wadhwa

Mrs. Indu Wadhwa

Housewife and Cancer survivor

I am a 71 year young cancer survivor. I underwent mastectomy in 2011. Post surgery a very senior doctor, ex AIIMS, advised intake of turmeric both as a preventive and a curative for cancer. Of late I have been suffering acute leg pain which was assumed to be sciatic nerve pain.

I was popping 3 painkillers a day to keep the pain at bay. During a routine bone scan test advised by the oncologist, a lesion was noticed between 4th and 5th vertebrae. One thing was certain it was the reason for leg pain. This was also the onset of fear of reoccurrence of cancer.

This was when my daughter starting searching for quality fortified turmeric products. A friend recommended Preserva as a company due to launch premium quality turmeric capsules. Using some clout my daughter procured prelaunch a bottle each for immunity (Immunoblast) and arthritic pain (Arthroblast). I started having a capsule of each everyday.

Meanwhile the good news from further tests was the lesion in the vertebrae was degenerative

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