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Cough, Cold, Asthma, Bronchitis, Throat Infection, Counters Effect of Smoking
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Aloe Vera with Tulsi & Curcumin 95% (The extract of Turmeric)

Health Benefits

  •  Provides relief from sore throat, persistent cough, fever and common recurrent infections 
  •  Improves respiration and functioning of lungs
  •  Reduces risk of asthma, bronchitis etc. and helps in reducing dependence on inhalers
  •  Provides relief from pulmonary disorders
  •  Good source of Vitamin K
  •  Heals the lungs from the bad effects of smoking by helping them to absorb oxygen easily


How to Consume

How to Consume

Additional Information

Preserva Wellness Daily Strength Juice is made using 95% Curcumin from Turmeric and Tulsi with Aloe Vera pulp. Daily Strength juice has a combination of Aloe Vera and Tulsi which have essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, C, E, and B complex, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc which are essential for a healthy body. Daily Strength juice has a two-fold action on the body. In the short run, it provides relief from sore throat, fever, persistent cough, cold and flu. In the long run, it builds immunity against respiratory infections, improves lungs’ functions and respiratory health and provides relief to patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis or any other pulmonary disorder. It prevents bad effects of smoking on respiratory system.


Aloe Vera juice is highly beneficial for all age groups since it is rich in dietary fibre, helps to maintain the ph balance of body, provides hydration, is a strong antioxidant, and gives a nutritious boost. It soothes inflamed throat and reduces coughing. Presence of zinc in aloe vera helps in clearing excess mucus from the respiratory passage and it works for smoker’s cough as well.

Aloe Vera and Tulsi together with curcumin increase immunity and aid in treating respiratory problems. Tulsi extract is a strong detoxifying, cleansing, anti-pyretic (fever reducing) and purifying agent. It helps you fight against all types of flu and viral fever. It cleanses accumulated pollutants and toxins from smoke in lungs. Tulsi leaves, if chewed and eaten as is can be very harmful for oral health and cause teeth decay and cavities. Therefore, consuming the pure and potent extract of Tulsi as part of Daily Strength juice is very beneficial for your respiratory system and body.

Curcumin is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory and is thus effective in preventing allergies, relieving symptoms of asthma, bronchitis. It protects the body against cancer and bad effects of pollutants and smoking. It also relieves a sore throat by reducing inflammation. Regular consumption of Daily Strength will ensure stronger immunity and less illness.

Ideal for people with:

  • Desire to have healthy and properly functioning respiratory system.
  • Chronic respiratory problems: This juice reduces and controls symptoms, flare-ups of complaints like sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis. It relieves cold, cough, wheezing, sneezing, sore throat and decreases mucus production.
  • Recurrent respiratory infections: Recurrent cold, cough, seasonal flu and allergies can be prevented and managed with it.
  • Recurrent respiratory allergies: People with recurrent nasal, respiratory allergies due to pollens, dusts, pollutants, low temperature or any other irritating particle can minimize their symptoms with Daily Strength Juice.
  • Smoking habit: One cigarette is enough to make your lungs weak. Daily Strength Juice prevents against bad effects of smoking and clears lungs.
  • Difficulty in breathing and chronic exposure to pollution, dust.
  • Children who fall sick frequently or have seasonal allergies.
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