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Preserva Welleness



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Weight Loss, Increases Metabolism, Removes Toxins, Vitamin C
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Aloe Vera, Curcumin 95% (extract of Turmeric), Lemon & Gooseberry

Health Benefits

  •  Boosts metabolism – Best results if used with Turmlitegold Capsules 
  •  Helps control hypertension 
  •  Improves digestion and helps in weight reduction 
  •  Powerhouse of Vitamin C and minerals 
  •  Reduces ill effects of antibiotics on the body
  •  Effective anti-poison 


How to Consume

How to Consume

Additional Information

Preserva Nutrixgold Juice is made using pure extracts of Turmeric- 95% Curcuma Longa or Curcumin, Lemon and Gooseberry (Amla) combined with Aloe Vera pulp. Aloe Vera pulp is highly beneficial for all age groups since it is rich in dietary fibre, helps to maintain the ph balance and weight of body, provides hydration, assists in liver function, prevents constipation, is a strong antioxidant and gives a nutritious boost. Nutrixgold Juice also contains curcumin, which is the medicinal extract of Turmeric, and acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and fat-burning agent. Curcumin is itself capable of dealing with multiple ailments of the body and when blended with the correct herbs, gives the desired results. By promoting fullness and hydration, lemon boosts the metabolism of your body and promotes weight loss. Amla burns fat quickly and aids in weight loss. Lemon and Amla are also very rich in Vitamin C.


The combination of curcumin with Aloe Vera, Lemon and Gooseberry in Nutrixgold Juice enriches it with significant vitamins and minerals. It is a powerhouse of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid and other antioxidants. Vitamin C deficiency slows down the loss of fat mass. Vitamin C also aids in faster healing, maintaining the functions of tissues and cells and in prevention and management of cataract. Further, Nutrixgold Juice is very helpful in controlling blood pressure and hypertension. When taken in combination with Turmlitegold Capsules, the metabolism of your body improves substantially and the result is a healthy weight loss.

The ingredients of Nutrixgold Juice also control the other factors in your body which contribute to weight gain. They do not let waste product accumulate in your digestive tract. The fibre content of the juice helps in reducing constipation, water retention and bloating and thereby facilitates weight loss.

The risk of hypertension or high blood pressure also increases with increasing weight. Therefore when Nutrixgold Juice reduces your weight, it also helps in controlling your blood pressure. It aids weight loss and the combination of ingredients increase metabolism and the rate of digestion, which in turn help to eliminate fat faster from the body.

Ideal for people:

  • Who desire a metabolism boost and want to lose weight.
  • With Vitamin C deficiency: Lemon and gooseberry make this Juice rich in vitamin C and boost weight loss.
  • With Diabetes and Hypothyroidism: These metabolic disorders hinder weight loss. Curcumin and the other ingredients help in controlling blood sugar, maintaining thyroid’s functions and aiding in weight loss.
  • With PCOD: It restricts weight loss due to hormonal changes which can be controlled with this juice.
  • Who consume Allopathic medicines: Certain conventional medicines increase your weight. This juice helps in eliminating toxins from your body and thereby, reducing weight.
  • With Chronic alcohol consumption: Alcohol makes you put on weight which can be reduced with this juice.
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