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Preserva Wellness



(60 Capsules)

Body Pain
Joint and Muscle Pain

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Preserva Wellness Arthroblast Capsules are an anti-inflammatory vegan supplement created to relieve body pain, joint & muscle pain, swelling, gout, and migraines. They contain Curcumin 95% and Ginger root extract, reducing the risk of osteoarthritis and improving joint flexibility.

Curcumin & Ginger root extract


• This product is non-returnable.
• The product should be consumed by pregnant and lactating women after consulting with their doctor.
• Not suitable for people on blood thinning medications as Curcumin is a blood thinning and a cholesterol reducing agent. If a person on such medication is consuming any Curcumin product, they should monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis.
• Diabetic patients must monitor their Blood Sugar Level.
• After consumption if any health or body parameter increases or decreases, please check which other medications whether allopathic or any other are being consumed and contact us or your health care practitioner.


• Reduces inflammation

• Reduces all kinds of body pain

• Inhibits joint and muscle stiffness

• Improves joint flexibility

• Reduces risk of osteoarthritis

• Effective for sports injury and post workout stiffness

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What are the key benefits of Arthroblast Capsules?

Body Pain Relief- The vegan supplement provides relief from all types of body pain and helps reduce inflammation in the body.

Improve Joint Flexibility- Enhances joint flexibility and mobility by reducing stiffness in both joints and muscles.

Reduce Osteoarthritis Risk- The anti-inflammatory supplement lowers the risk of osteoarthritis and is effective for treating sports injuries and post-workout stiffness.

What are Preserva Wellness Arthroblast Capsules, and how do they help in reducing pain and inflammation? What are the key ingredients present in these capsules, and how do they differ from allopathic painkillers?

Preserva Wellness Arthroblast capsules are a natural painkiller that can help in reducing pain and inflammation. They contain the ideal quantity of turmeric and ginger extracts, which are easily absorbed by the human body and effectively reduce pain and inflammation. The capsules contain pure and potent Curcumin extracted from turmeric. They can be substituted for allopathic painkillers that have adverse side effects on weight, liver, and kidneys. Arthroblast capsules can reduce inflammation in muscles, cartilage, or bones that may occur due to arthritis, exercise, strenuous physical activity, weight lifting, illness, migraine, injury, fever, or cancer. Each capsule contains 325mg of Curcumin and 325mg of Zingiber officinale extract, which is equivalent to 100 grams each of fresh turmeric and ginger that cannot be consumed raw daily. The key ingredients present in Arthroblast capsules are natural, making them a safer alternative to allopathic painkillers.

What is the dosage for Arthroblast Capsules?

For optimal results, it is advised to consume one capsule after breakfast in the morning and another one after dinner in the evening on a daily basis.

How do the ingredients of Arthroblast Capsules help with arthritis and body pain relief?

Curcumin (Turmeric extract) and Ginger in Arthroblast capsules are natural painkillers without any side effects on the liver or kidneys. Curcumin reduces inflammation and pain associated with various bone and joint conditions, sciatica, migraine and relieves stiffness. Ginger has calcium, vitamins, and trace elements to maintain a healthy skeletal system. Ginger extracts assist curcumin in fighting swelling, pain, inflammation, and reduced joint mobility. The combination of Ginger and Curcumin makes their absorption easier and balances the three doshas of the body. Arthroblast capsules can be consumed in all seasons.

What is the shelf life?

The recommended shelf life of 100% vegetarian Arthoblast Capsule is 36 months from the date of manufacture. It is advisable to store the supplement in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Can Athroblast Capsules be used to treat knee pain in young adults?

Yes, Arthroblast Capsules have demonstrated efficacy in alleviating joint/knee pain associated with pain resulting from excessive muscle use, weakness, or strain. These dietary supplements may aid in restoring knee strength.

Arthroblast Capsules are ideal for whom?

  • Arthroblast Capsules are a natural and 100% vegetarian supplement that provides relief from body pain, swelling, and joint and muscle pain.
  • They are effective in reducing pain and inflammation caused by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout.
  • Arthroblast Capsules are useful in reducing the recurrence and intensity of mild fever associated with viral diseases and many types of arthritis. 
  • These vegan capsules can provide relief in pain associated with irritation and inflammation of nerves, such as in sciatica. 
  • Arthroblast Capsules can also act on affected muscles and nerves, providing relief in migraine. 
  • People suffering from painful injuries involving inflammation can benefit from it. 
  • They may be helpful in cases of prolapsed disc or varicose veins. 
  • People who engage in a lot of physical activity, exercise, weight lifting, or sports can also benefit from the plant-based Arthroblast Capsules.

Can it be consumed with other medicines?

Yes, Arthroblast Capsules can be consumed with any other medicines. However, it is important to follow the guidance provided by medical professionals regarding one's health. It is advisable to keep healthcare practitioners informed of any developments. Disregarding the advice of doctors is not recommended.

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Joint and muscle pain can hinder daily tasks, affecting quality of life. Alleviate discomfort with Arthroblast Capsules, a natural remedy crafted with Ayurvedic ingredients. Specifically formulated for body pain, joint issues, and swelling, these capsules offer relief, promoting flexibility and easing the challenges posed by daily activities. Embrace a pain-free, active lifestyle.

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