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Preserva Wellness



(60 tablets)

Kidney Stones
Healthy Urinary Flow
Lowers Urinary Oxalates
Tonic for Kidneys

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Preserva Wellness Nephrogold Tablets are a natural kidney stone tonic that promotes healthy urinary flow, lowers urinary oxalates, and supports overall kidney health. Curcumin 95% in this supplement enhances its benefits with a mix of Punarnava, Shila Pushp, Prickly Chaff Flower, Gojiwa, Sahdevi, Gokhru, Varuna, Kultha, Pasanabheda, Devdaru, Bhumi Amla, Chharila, Jevanti, Lajauni, Motha and Coriander.

Punarnava, Shila pushp, Prickly chaff flower, Gojiwa, Sahdevi, Gokhru, Varuna, Kultha, Pasanabheda, Devdaru, Bhumiamla, Chharila, Jevanti, Lajauni, Motha, Coriander & Curcumin


• This product is non-returnable.
• The product should be consumed by pregnant and lactating women after consulting with their doctor.
• Not suitable for people on blood thinning medications as Curcumin is a blood thinning and a cholesterol reducing agent. If a person on such medication is consuming any Curcumin product, they should monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis.
• Diabetic patients must monitor their Blood Sugar Level.
• After consumption if any health or body parameter increases or decreases, please check which other medications whether allopathic or any other are being consumed and contact us or your health care practitioner.


• Supports healthy urinary flow

• Removes nitrogenous waste material from body and kidney stones

• Flushes kidney waste, toxic materials and lowers urinary oxalates

• Maintains volume of body fluids thereby regulating blood pressure

• Curcumin, Gokhsur, Varuna are helpful in improving the prostrate functions

• Acts as a tonic for Kidneys and improves renal health

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What are the key benefits of Nephrogold Tablets?

Support Urinary Flow- Promote healthy urinary flow, flush kidney waste & toxins, and reduce urinary oxalates for a healthier system.

Kidney Health Tonic- The Curcumin tablets act as a kidney tonic, improve renal health, maintain fluid volume, and regulate blood pressure for a healthy body.

For Kidney Stones- Eliminate nitrogenous waste, treat kidney stones and improve prostate function with Curcumin, Gokshur, and Varuna for optimal health.

What are Nephrogold Tablets, and how do they help the kidneys function?

Preserva Wellness Nephrogold Tablets is a unique herbal formulation that acts as a diuretic, prevents the formation of kidney stones, assists diabetic patients by mitigating the side effects of diabetes medications on the kidneys, prevents urinary tract infections, and improves the overall functioning of the kidneys. Symptoms of improper kidney functioning include fatigue, pain in the kidneys after eating, extreme mood swings, skin rashes, eczema, bloating, acne, weight gain issues, kidney stones, frequent urination, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

What is the dosage for Nephrogold Tablets?

For optimal results, it is advised to consume one tablet after breakfast in the morning and another one after dinner in the evening on a daily basis. It is very important to consume 3-4 litres of water per day when consuming Nephrogold Tablets.

How do the ingredients of Nephrogold Tablets act as a kidney stone tonic?

Nephrogold Tablets are a herbal supplement for treating kidney diseases by increasing kidney function, preventing UTIs and stone formation. It contains Punarnava which maintains efficient kidney and urinary functions with its diuretic, laxative and anti-inflammatory action. Gokhru also has diuretic as well as anti-diabetic, hepato-protective, anti-bacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Varuna reduces the body’s production of oxalates which when combined with calcium in the body, form kidney stones. It gives relief from difficulty in urination caused by enlarged prostate. Pasanabheda inhibits stone formation and helps in dissolution of urinary calculi both in kidney and urine also a diuretic. Shila pushp is used in the treatment of renal diseases particularly kidney stones. It is supposed to regulate calcium absorption in the body and helps in maintaining healthy urinary tract.
Sahdevi and Lajauni have an anti-hyperglycemic action and prevent kidney impairment due to diabetes. Kultha and Bhumi Amla dissolve calcium oxalate stones in the urinary bladder and kidney. Bhumi Amla also treats Urinary Tract Infections.
Nephrogold also contains Coriander, Motha, Jevanti, and Chharila, which improve digestion and act as tonics for the kidneys. Curcumin (Turmeric extract) acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral agent, thereby preventing infections in the female reproductive system. Consuming 4 to 5 litres of water daily with these tablets is recommended.

What is the shelf life?

The recommended shelf life of 100% vegetarian Nephrogold Tablets is 36 months from the date of manufacture. It is advisable to store the supplement in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

In chronic diabetes, the kidney is also affected. Will it be helpful for a patient suffering from both ailments?

Nephropathy diabetes causes damage to the capillaries of the kidney glomeruli. It gets progressive and can cause nephrotic syndrome, leading to protein in the urine and swelling. Nephrogold Tablets help in the recovery of renal cells and can be effective in such a situation. On top of that, it flushes out toxins and kidney stones and acts as a rejuvenator tonic for kidney health. It, therefore, helps in maintaining creatinine levels in the blood.

Nephrogold Tablets are ideal for whom?

  • Nephrogold Tablets are for people with kidney stones, urinary tract infections and other kidney-related disorders.
  • They help to prevent stone formation and maintain efficient kidney and urinary functions.
  • The Curcumin supplement also regulates calcium absorption in the body and can dissolve calcium oxalate stones in the urinary bladder and kidney.
  • Nephrogold, the kidney stone tonic, inhibits stone formation and prevents kidney impairment caused by diabetes.

Can it be consumed with other medicines?

Yes, Nephrogold Tablets can be consumed with any other medicines. However, it is important to follow the guidance provided by medical professionals regarding one's health. It is advisable to keep healthcare practitioners informed of any developments. Disregarding the advice of doctors is not recommended.

Two vector images of kidneys and kidney stones. Text written: Tonic for kidneys, reduces urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney stones, and healthy urinary flow.

Our kidneys play a vital role in filtering blood, removing waste, and maintaining fluid balance. Nephrogold Tablets, a potent kidney tonic, support this crucial function by promoting healthy urinary flow. This aids in efficiently flushing kidney waste and reducing urinary oxalates. With natural ingredients, Nephrogold contributes to the dissolution of kidney stones, ensuring optimal kidney health for a balanced and harmonious urinary system.