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Preserva Welleness

DAILY CALM TEA (50 grams)

DAILY CALM TEA (50 grams)

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Calming, Promotes Good Sleep, Relieves Stress & Anxiety, Antidepressant
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Assam Green Tea, Lavender Flower, Rose Flower, Chamomile Flower, Liquorice, Hibiscus flower, Lemon grass leaves, Mint leaves and Valerian

(50 gms)

Health Benefits

  •  Relieves stress and anxiety 
  •  Natural relaxant
  •  Antidepressant 
  •  Exhibits a calming effect 
  •  Promotes good sleep 
  •  Reduces muscular fatigue


How to Consume

How to Consume

Additional Information

There are many ways to manage and deal with stress from a slow walk, hot bath, yoga classes, reading, exercising, running or to just laying low and resting. In addition to these remedies, herbal teas help us to unwind and de-stress, as well as aid sleep and relaxation. Daily Calm Tea provides a mix of calming ingredients and gives us room to slow down and relax. Herbs can exert an effect on the nervous system and reduce anxiety and stress. The ritual of making a cup of tea and sitting down to sip it can be a form of relaxation in itself. Preserva Wellness Daily Calm Tea is designed for inducing good sleep, managing stress and anxiety symptoms and is particularly helpful to unwind in times of stress. For an enhanced experience, the flowers and leaves are kept whole so the aroma and colours can soothe the senses.


Liquorice root is an adaptogen which works on your adrenal gland which produces adrenaline and cortisol, which increase under stress. It reduces adrenal gland fatigue. Valerian is known for its sedative and anti-anxiety properties which offers a good night’s sleep, reduced anxiety and blood pressure. 

L-theanine from Assam green tea, produces a calming effect without making you feel drowsy. The polyphenols in green tea help combat anxiety and stress. Lemongrass is recommended for people who suffer from anxiety or nervousness and is excellent for good sleep and to avoid insomnia. The scent of lemongrass also has a relaxing effect. Rose is useful in calming nervous tension, cell rejuvenation and fighting depression as it contains eugenol and geraniol. It reduces amyloid β, which is the main pathological cause of Alzheimer’s. It is also rich in Vitamins A, C, D, E and B3. 

Chamomile soothes tension, alleviates headache and calms the mind. It is effective in inducing relaxation and reducing effects of anxiety, depression and insomnia. Hibiscus contains vitamins and minerals which have antidepressant properties and can help calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and depression. Hibiscus is also a very rich source of Vitamin C. Lavender is considered a nervous system restorative flower that helps improve sleep, restlessness, irritability, panic, attacks, feeling of turning in the stomach and nervous tension.

Ideal for people with:

  • Desire for a calm and relaxed mind and good sleep.
  • Excessive professional and personal stress: This tea is excellent for relieving stress and improving your productivity in your work life and professional life.
  • Headache: Tension headaches are very severe and can be relieved with this tea.
  • Insomnia: Poor sleeping habits, anxiety, lack of exercise, chronic illness and certain medications can make you lose sleep. Daily Calm Tea helps you sleep well.
  • Depression: Due to the flowers and herbs present in the tea, it helps you recover from your depression.
  • Anxiety: Intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situation is harmful. Consume it to get rid of anxiety.
  • Old age: Increase in age predisposes you to risk of Alzheimer’s disease which is lowered by consumption of this tea.
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